ELEN 4304/5365 - Digital Image Processing

Lecture notes:
Human visual system overview
Pixel Connectivity
Image Transforms
Basic intensity transforms
Histogram processing
Fundamentals of Spatial filtering
Fuzzy techniques
Frequency domain filtering fundamentals
Using frequency domain filters
Image restoration: additive noise
Image restoration: linear degradation
Image restoration from projections
Fundamentals of Color
Pseudocolor image processing
Color image processing fundamentals
Wavelets fundamentals
Image compression fundamentals
Basic Image compression methods
Some Image compression standards
Image watermarking
Morphological Image Processing: Basic concepts
Morphological Image Processing: Basic algorithms
Morphological Image Processing: Gray-scale morphology
Homework/Project assignments:
Homework 01: Assignment Imhist (use "Save As")
Homework 02: Assignment
Homework 03: Assignment
Homework 04: Assignment
Homework 05: Assignment
Homework 06: Assignment
Extra Credit: Assignment
Final Presentation: Assignment

Syllabi: 4304/ 5365


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